Fantasy for microphones, video camera, sequencers and public environment is a co-production by Santos Martínez, Oriol Muñoz, Ana Rueda and Bipolart, premiered at the 3rd "Per amor a l’Hart" Street Art Festival, which took place in July 2007 in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Due  to its inner characteristics, it can be performed in a big number of places (streets, squares, parks, buildings, etc.), becoming different each time that it is shown, because the place and the moment influence deeply in its development.

The aim of the project is to experiment with public places, conceived as an active element inside the artistic creation. Another objective is to consider the possibilities offered by some modern techniques of musical and audio-visual creation, bringing them closer to an audience that sometimes is not familiar with them.

The Fantasy is developed in three different stages. First, there is a visit to the space where the performance will take place, and sounds and images are recorded from different perspectives. These will be the main ingredients of the audiovisual creation.

The second stage consists of listening and watching the previously recorded material, investigating the musical and visual potential, and starting to integrate the elements in some structures that can be firm or changeable, and that will lead the development of the show. At this stage all the recorded elements are put in order and classified, and its manipulation is begun.

Finally, the material is shown to the audience, with the direct interaction between the members of the project, who manipulate images and sounds, improvising with the different elements and integrating them in the structures that have been defined. Sequencers, samplers, synthesizers and a lot of sound and image processors are used to do all this. As a result, the performance is always different, because it is determined by the time and the space where it takes place. All the people that assist to the show see that the place where they are is integrated actively inside the artistic creation.