David Espinosa talks to Dorothy Max Prior about Mi Gran Obra

A journey through Catalan object theatre (Tim Sandweg)

Tate Modern

Audience Award for "My Great Work" (International Theater Schools Festival ITSelF, Warsaw)

HOMEmcr Prize (BE Festival, International Theater Festival, Birmingham) and Audience and critics award (International Theater Festival MESS, Sarajevo) for "My Great Work"

La Biennale di Venezia (International Theatre Festival)

My Great Work (an ambitious project)

Created and Directed by David Espinosa

Cast: David Espinosa / Cía. Hekinah Degul

Assistant Director: África Navarro

Music and sound: Santos Martínez / David Espinosa

Scenic Area: David Espinosa / Air maquetas y proyectos de arquitectura

Production: EL LOCAL EC. /CAET, with the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Distribution: MOM-El Vivero

Project grant from the artists in residence program of Bilbaoeszena.